Business Areas
Comfort - promote sleep
This means the understanding and sensing drowsiness and the promotion of sleep. [+more]

Drowsiness - prevent sleep
As in comfort, drowsiness is monitored, but instead of inducing and promoting sleep, actions are generated to prevent sleep. [+more]

Homecare and telemedicine:
Home care is the general area of supervising or monitoring a person in a remote location, [+more]

Clinical refers to services and products in Swedsleep's area which are generally used for medical investigations in clinics, hospitals or even ambulatory.
Drowsiness monitoring systems
In this application, Swedsleep's components and systems are used to monitor drowsiness and supply signals so that sleep can be avoided in essential monitoring situations, such as air traffic control, radar operations, train movement and traffic supervision and similar.

The name is an acronym for 'biological signals acquisition, communications, analysis'. The Biosaca is a small device for remote or ambulatory acquisition of physiological signals.

Thermo pad
This is a unique set of temperature sensors mounted on a sheet and placed in the bed allowing
continuous topographic recording and display of the whole body skin temperature, humidity and
pressure together with the recording and display of vital functions such as respiration, heart activity and body movements.
Research & Development


We are developing tomorrow's biosensors for use in the fields of biotechnology and medical diagnostics. We accomplish number of disciplines including electronics, micromechanics, surface physics, optics and biochemistry.

Mechanical Sensors

Electromagnetic Sensors

Systems Design
Our systems design unit is now working intensively with developing models for a high-performance sensor systems.

Electronics Packaging

Industrial Applications
Recording multiple data in industrial applications.