Anti-snoring bed

A sophisticated algorithm governs a mechanism in the bed, automatically adjusting it to reduce snoring according to the specific needs of the person. This occurs only when the system has detected that the person is indeed asleep. It is essential that the mechanism does not awake the subject. The system is not intended as a medical device, but a comfort provider. Over a thousand anti-snoring systems have been delivered to Europe's leading bed manufacturer.


Swedsleep has developed, alone or together with partners, various advanced sensors, recording temperature, humidity, movements and other physiological activities used in the different products. Such sensors sense various physiological and other variables, and are used to create signals which can be used in various manners.

Thermo pad

This product can be used both clinically and for research as well as for supervision and for monitoring of patients, children and elderly both in hospitals, nursing homes and at home.

Drowsiness monitoring systems

In this application, Swedsleep's components and systems are used to monitor drowsiness and supply signals so that sleep can be avoided in essential monitoring situations, such as air traffic control, radar operations, train movement and traffic supervision and similar.


We build a system where specific recorded physiological data (currently EEG, ECG, EMG and respiratory functions) trigger and activate other physiological functions when reaching preset levels. Applications can be clinical e.g. for rehabilitation or fitness using electrical activities from the muscles (EMG), or for improving relaxation using the electrical activities from the brain (EEG)and or the heart (ECG). Applications can also be for comfort. The users of these products are medical and paramedical professionals such as physiotherapists, fitness instructors, psychologist etc. The system use Biosaca to digitise the signals to enable the highest quality.


A range of products and sensors are used for monitoring patients remotely, e.g. convalescents outside the hospital, at home or in institutions. Ageing persons can have their vital functions also monitored at in their own homes or in nursing homes. This series of products can be coupled to video monitoring.

Optimal bedroom

The company has extensive general and specific knowledge about sleep. Much of this knowledge will be used in specific hard and software to create optimum restful and sleeping conditions.